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Qiu Dongyao, Mayor
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Administrative Duties:

Responsible for the overall administration of the municipal government, apart from supervision of specific areas including finance and auditing and their related agencies: Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Finance, Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Auditing, and Ningbo Municipal Advisory Committee.


Qiu Dongyao, male, of the Han nationality, born in Shengzhou, Zhejiang Province in August 1961, started his career in March 1978 and joined the Chinese Communist Party in July 1986. He graduated with a bachelor degree from the CPC Central Party School. He now holds the positions of mayor of Ningbo Municipal Government, vice secretary of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and secretary of the CPC Party Leadership Group of the municipal government.

Personal History:

He was dispatched to work as a peasant in Tanghui Township of Jiaxing County after graduation from middle school as part of a national reeducation program for the youth. Then he worked as a mechanical technician in Huancheng Grain Management Office of Jiaxing County and office clerk and department head of Jiaxing Financial and Trade Administration. From then on he began to take the following leadership positions: Director of Agricultural Trade of Jiaxing Municipality; deputy chief manager(temporary position) of Jiaxing Chemical Building Materials Factory; member of the preparatory team of Jiaxing Municipal Office of Trade; deputy director of the Administration Office of Jiaxing Municipal Government, member of Jiaxing CPC Leadership Group; deputy general secretary of Jiaxing CPC Committee and office director; chief secretary of the Administration Office of Jiaxing Municipal Government; secretary of Party Leadership Group of Jiaxing Municipality; secretary of Xiuzhou District of Jiaxing Municipality, director of the standing committee of the People’s Congress of Xiuzhou District; member of the standing committee of CPC Jiaxing Municipal Committee, director of the Publicity Department, deputy secretary of Jiaxing Municipal Political and Legal Affairs Commission, executive vice mayor of Jiaxing Municipality, deputy secretary of Municipal CPC Leadership Group; deputy chief secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Government, member of CPC Leadership Group of the Administration Office; commander-in-chief and CPC secretary of the headquarters of Zhejiang-Aksu(Xinjiang) Partnership Assistance Action, vice secretary of CPC committee of Aksu prefecture, Xinjiang; Director and secretary of CPC committee of the Industrial and Commercial Administration of Zhejiang Province; secretary of CPC committee of Huzhou Municipality; deputy secretary of Ningbo Municipal CPC committee, mayor, secretary of the Municipal Leadership Group.

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