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Poetry Road of Siming Mountain combines culture and tourism
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Siming Mountain, nurtured by beautiful landscapes and profound tradition of humanities, attracted the eastward development of the "poetry road of Tang Dynasty" in eastern Zhejiang area over 1,000 years ago and became a fresh material for poems by Li Bai and other poets in the Tang Dynasty. In recent years, Yuyao County has focused on the construction of the Tang Poetry Road Cultural Belt in eastern Zhejiang area. By integrating the natural beauty, the humanistic beauty and the party-building beauty of the Siming Mountain, the county is making great efforts to create a distinctive poetry road belt.
While giving priority to ecological protection, by beautifying the appearance of the villages, optimizing scenic spots, and connecting footpaths and ancient roads, Yuyao County has connected the small spots of beautiful villages and scenic areas into a line, and formed the three-fold "poetry road" construction plan through data access, field visits and expert discussions.
The "landscape pilgrimage line" of the road starts from Hexi Village and Dongshan Village of Liangnong Town, passes through Caijialing Village, Wangxiang Village and Hengkantou Village, takes the Huxi Line, the most beautiful winding highway in eastern Zhejiang Province, and finally goes to Shengzhou and Xinchang through the National Forest Park of Siming Mountain. The "historic scene line" of the road starts from Jinguan Village of Lizhou Sub-district, passes through the Jiaohu Ancient Road to the source of Yaojiang River, and then through the Huxi Line and the Qixiakeng Ancient Road to go to Fenghua District. The "culture seeking line" of the road starts from the ferry of Hemudu Site to Chejiu Village, passes Dayin Town, Lubu Village, Zhongcun Village of Luting Town, Bailu Village, Shangmagang Village of Dalan Town, Xinlan Village, Jinzhuling Village, and then through the Danshan Chishui Scenic Area, and goes to Dayu Village.
In addition to the above-mentioned three lines, Yuyao County has also implemented the high-quality small ring road projects, leading to several half-day or one-day tour routes of scenery, culture and food, based on the existing scenic areas and spots. To be specific, the small ring lines connecting the poetry road culture belt include the eastern section of the line of Hemudu Site and Chejiu Vilage, the internal ring line of the picturesque Zhilin Village, the internal ring line of Zhongcun Village, the internal ring line of Bailu Village, and the internal ring lien of the Danshan Chishui Scenic Area; the middle section of the line of Jinguan Village and Jiaohu VIlalge, and the internal ring line of the Xiangquan Bay Scenic Area; and the western section of the Danshan trace line, the ring line of Heilongtan Scenic Area, the 6944 ring line of the forest park, and the internal ring line of the geology park.

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