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​Cixi ranks No.1 in terms of amount of state-level little giant enterprises
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As a state-level specialized and new "little giant" enterprise, Ningbo SUPU Electronics Co., Ltd. has invested 30 million yuan in new project research and development over the past couple of years. Its spring electric connector series products are applied to rail transit, wind power generation and other fields, with its market share ranking in the forefront of the country. "In the first seven months of this year, our sales increased by more than 50% year-on-year. Among others, the sales of the in-line rail mounted terminals developed by the company exceeded 30 million yuan," said Lu Di, General Manager of the company.
Cixi County now boast about 30 state-level "little giant" enterprises like SUPU, ranking first in all counties (cities) of Zhejiang Province. In recent years, the county has promoted the transformation of the manufacturing industry, guided the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in the direction of "specialization and innovation", and cultivated a number of industrial enterprise landmarks and industry landmarks. "By accelerating the cultivation of specialized and special ‘little giant' enterprises with specialized and professional business lines, fine and efficient operation and management, unique products and services and remarkable achievements in innovation ability, we have promoted the manufacturing industry to take new steps and achieve new results in quality, efficiency and power transformation." said a related person in charge from Cixi County.
The county has established a key enterprise cultivation library, and issued a series of supporting policies including the action plan for cultivating and expanding "single champions" and "invisible champions", as well as the 100-million-yuan enterprises , to guide enterprises to take the road of "specialization and innovation". 153 enterprises have been included in the list for key enterprise cultivation. There are 126 "single champions", "little giant" enterprises and "invisible champion" enterprises with the market share of specific products ranking among the top five in China, with 73 of them ranking first in the market share of domestic segment products.
As a leading "little giant" enterprise of Cixi County, Yiri Pneumatic Technology Co., Ltd. has focused on the R & D and production of pneumatic components for over 30 years. In 2018, the company, together with Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and other cooperators, won the second prize of the national science and technology progress award.
The enterprises have taken steps to innovate, and the government has optimized the innovation ecology. In the next five years, Cixi County will make every effort to promote enterprises' expansion, listing and cloud listing, and build an enterprise echelon based on innovative small, medium and micro enterprises with enterprises with an output value of above RMB 100 million as the leader, and "single champion" and "small giant" enterprises as the backbone. By 2025, the county will strive to have eight state-level "single champion" enterprises in the manufacturing industry, 35 state-level specialized "little giant" enterprises, and 760 high-tech enterprises. Then, there will be 10 more large-scale listed manufacturing enterprises, and it will achieve the full coverage of digital transformation in the large-scale industrial enterprises.

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