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Ningbo to host some games of Hangzhou Asian Games
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September 10 marks the one-year countdown to the Hangzhou Asian Games. On the very night, the Tianyi Pavilion Square next to the Moon Lake was brightly lit. People enjoyed wonderful cultural and sports programs there to welcome the arrival of the Hangzhou Asian Games.

At this Ningbo venue of the performance, the song and dance “Welcome to Ningbo", the poem “Waiting for the Asian Games in Ningbo” and the song “Asian Games Suite” showed the joy brought by the coming Asian Games to Ningbo citizens. The rhythmic gymnastics and robot performance “Youth Fantasy”, the dance “Writing in Ink” and the boys’ group singing “Scholarly Fragrance of South China” showed the characteristics of the regional culture of Ningbo. Then, the aerobics performance “Dancing and Flying” and the song and dance “Let’s Meet in Hangzhou” pushed the party to a climax.

At the delegation heads meeting of Hangzhou Asian Games held in the form of video conference on September 8 and 9, it was announced that there would be 482 competition events (thus 482 gold medals) for the Asian Games. Previously, it has been determined that, including the intellectual events (E-sports) and sports dance (break dance), which have become the events of the Asian Games for the first time, the Hangzhou Asian Games has a total of 40 major events, including 31 Olympic events and nine non-Olympic events, with a total of 61 sub items. The nine non-Olympic events are dragon boat racing, E-sports, cricket, Kabaddi, roller skating, rattan ball, squash, martial arts and Budo. On the basis of the previous 45 participating countries (or regions), this session will include Oceania countries (or regions) for the first time, and more than 10,000 athletes are expected to participate in the games.

As one of the co-hosts, Xiangshan County of Ningbo will host the sailing and beach volleyball competitions of the Hangzhou Asian Games. At present, the sailing race of the National Games, as the test race of the Asian Games, will soon start at the Asian Sailing Center of Xiangshan County.

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