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RMB 110 million will be invested to build a national-level innovation achievement service platform
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On July 20, it was learned from the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau that the results of the winning bidders for the "National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology 2021 Industrial Technology Basic Public Service Platform-Building a Public Service Platform Project for the Industrialization of Innovations in the Field of Key Components" was announced. In the bidding of 9 cities including Beijing, Chongqing and Qingdao, Ningbo ranks first in the public list.

It is learned that the platform will be built in Fenghua District. Ningbo Momi Innovation Factory will be the main operator of the "National Service Platform". With Xingyu Electronics (Ningbo) Co., Ltd., National Pneumatic Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and Ningbo Jiaerling Pneumatic Machinery Co., Ltd. in Fenghua District, and joined forces of Beijing Institute of Machinery Industry Information, Harbin Institute of Technology, and Zhangjiagang Engineering Institute of Nanjing University of Science and Technology, a demand-oriented innovation industrialization system will be established.

With a total investment of RMB110 million, the project, based on the needs of industrial development, will promote the pilot of the industrialization of innovative achievements, build a public service platform for the industrialization of innovative achievements, and provide public services such as supply-demand docking, technology evaluation, intellectual property management, inspection and testing, experimental verification and pilot-scale maturation, promote the local implementation and transformation of innovative results with good economic efficiency and great potential, promote the development of local industries, and strive to create a national-level industrialization demonstration pilot zone for innovative achievements, and strive to cultivate 1 to 3 listed companies in the next 2 to 5 years.

The industrialization of innovation achievements is a major measure to promote the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements and a major measure for the cultivation of a new economy.

The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau said that the level of industrialization of innovation achievements in the manufacturing sector in Ningbo has improved significantly in recent years, but the support of science and technology for development of industries is still insufficient, and there is an urgent need to establish a demand-oriented industrialization system for innovation achievements. The winning bid will aim at the formation of a new economic growth point in our city, accelerate the transfer and transformation of innovative achievements to industries, and promote the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.

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