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Ning University's 14 majors’ (category) enrollment lines rank first in its kind in provincial universities
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Yesterday morning, the first parallel application admissions for the general category in Zhejiang Province was finished. All 47 majors (categories) of Ningbo University have finished their enrollment. 14 of them ranked first in the same kind of provincial universities. The highest score for this admission appeared in Yangming Innovation Class (Humanities), and the score was 641 points.

The school’s “double first-class” construction plays an important role in improving the quality of related majors. The minimum scores for 16 majors (categories) are 120 points higher than the new first section, and 98.9% of admitted candidates exceed the new first section’s score by more than 100 points.

This year, Ning University’s general admissions work in Zhejiang Province presents four characteristics: first, the planned increase is large, and there are many enrollment majors (types); second, the top talent innovation class is favored by high-scoring candidates; third, the Yangming Innovation Class ranks high; fourthly, teachers-training majors are still popular among candidates.

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