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Cixi “Agricultural Safety Code” service platform put into use
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On the morning of April 4, Ms. Wang, a citizen of Cixi, bought a bag of small tomatoes at a family farm in Qiaotou. In the meantime, she opened the Cixi “Agricultural Safety Code” service platform on her mobile phone and swept the traceability code printed on the bag. In a short while, the bag of tomatoes’ origin, pesticide residue testing and other information was presented in front of her eyes. “With the code, we can see the ‘identity’ card of the agricultural products, so we can buy with confidence and eat with peace of mind.” Ms. Wang praised.

A few days ago, Cixi “Agricultural Safety Code” service platform was officially put into use. “The city actively build agricultural quality and safety information technology, intelligent supervision and service system, the United Nations advanced agricultural information technology platform operators jointly developed and launched the agricultural safety code palm service platform,” said a relevant official.

According to the introduction, the service platform has opened “Traceability Query” “Testing” and “Policy Feeds” functions. Through these functions, consumers can query the whole process of agricultural quality and safety control, participate in the supervision of agricultural quality and safety.

The launch of the platform is to achieve the whole chain from farm to table intelligent supervision. At present, the platform can provide nearly one hundred Cixi city-level family farms. “Consumers use mobile phones to scan the code and query our farm production records, daily supervision and sampling information.” Qiaotou town of Ming Mei vegetable farm in charge of Yu Ke said, “Agricultural Safety Code” issued by the electronic certificate of compliance will be more popular.

This service platform will be applied to the provincial agricultural products quality and safety traceability platform, Ningbo food safety inspection and testing information sharing system docking, the formation of agricultural products quality traceability full network coverage.

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