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Shimen Village of Ninghai holds "Fence Creative Design Competition”
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"Hello everyone, I'm Pan Shengli of the 'Guo Pan Qingshen Group' from Shimen Village, and we're going to use moso bamboo and gravel to create one of the most beautiful welcoming roads in Shimen Village,” Pan Jiacheng held a thin bamboo strip in his hand, pointed to the hand-drawn design on the big screen and gave an introduction. In the afternoon of April 3, in Shimen Village, Dajiahe Town, Ninghai County, a rural "Fence Creative Design competition" was held, and 10 groups of farmer-artist representatives presented their work and creative ideas to the villagers.

The purpose of the "Art in the Village" team is to inspire creativity and impetus of villagers through labour competitions. "Art in the Village" team is from Department of Art Design of Nankai University led by Associate Professor Wu Lixing. "Villagers think of their own ideas, draw their own paper, build their own landscape, and the activity will mobilize the whole village to participate in the artistic transformation of the village." Wu Lixing introduced that the village was to carry out a "Fence Creative Ideas Competition" in the next ten days. Along the main road of the village, villagers would be divided into ten groups, changing the previous government-leading model. The group leader will lead the villagers to build the village in a pleasant atmosphere.

"I’ve never spoken on stage in front of so many people. I'm both excited and nervous." Pan Kangan’s program is the design of village’s public recreation area, and he introduced that in order to form the creative design of the renovation, the whole team measured the size in the dark the night and stayed up all night drawing paper. After a night of brainstorming, local mao bamboo, a variety of bamboo fences, camphor bamboo chairs, mao bamboo tube lights into a "Bamboo World Recreation Area", the design program got the nod from the villagers.

Yuan Zuma released a safety guardrail renovation program which was even praised by Wu Lixing's team. "The clear introduction of the scheme and the hand-drawn sketches are comparable to the construction drawings." Prof. Wu was shocked by the precise data of bamboo piece size, bamboo tube light length and guardrail spacing in the sketch. Then, the " waterwheel wall renovation plan, the transformation plan of the Party building wall in the shape of Tiananmen Square, and the transformation plan of the stone wall of the head of the mountain received enthusiastic applause from the villagers on site. "I didn't expect that in just a few days, they have designed such a beautiful village transformation plan under the guidance of Prof. Wu's team, and I will do my part to help theIR transformation." Yuan Zuzhao, a villager watching the launch, said.

After getting the team flag, 10 groups of more than 50 villagers couldn't wait to rush to the program site, and “Immediate Action Group” first invited Prof. Wu. "The white ash here doesn't need to be shoveled out entirely, and it can be used up as background." Group leader Yuan Qiandou and five group members gathered around Prof. Wu to discuss the construction details.

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