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Yangtze River Delta's first special train for return workers arrived in Ningbo, shuttle fees exempted
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The G7669 train carrying 825 returning workers from Anhui arrived at Ningbo in the afternoon of February 21, the first special train for returning to work in Yangtze River Delta. This is an important part of the city’s series of measures to ensure enterprises’ recruitment and an epitome of the city’s concerted efforts to stabilize employment.   


The first special train in Yangtze River Delta arrived


Officials and workers from Ningbo Human Resources and Social Security Bureau as well as a large group of volunteers had been waiting on the platform of Ningbo Railway Station after 3 pm. The volunteers were also holding a banner to welcome the returners.


Everyone had their eyes on the train G7669 as it pulled into the station at 2:24 pm. As the door opened, migrant workers carrying their luggage stepped off the train orderly under the guidance of the conductor.


This special train contains 16 carriages and carried 825 migrant workers, who could take the free shuttle bus after getting off at the Ningbo Railway Station. The shuttle bus in Yinzhou District had been waiting in the Train Station Square, where volunteers holding aloft guidance signs and conducting them onto the bus.


Multiple measures to facilitate work resumption


The train is said to be the first special train for returning to work in Yangtze River Delta which will usher in special carriages. At present, 11 trains and 29 carriages on 6 lines in such directions as Anhui, Henan and Guizhou had been arranged; over 50 boarding points and three drop-off points North Yuyao, South Ningbo and Ninghai have been set; the passenger capacity was set to be 3053.


To alleviate the burden of the workers, the city will cover the fares through finance. At the same time, to ensure a safe and order journey, Ningbo Human Resources and Social Security Bureau will send volunteer teams to offer security services, food and pandemic prevention supplies from the departure station (Bozhou, Anhui). The bureau also directed the crew members to provide considerate service.


In addition, to achieve overall work resumption and help the migrant workers, the bureau also rolled out a series of action for recruitment and talents attraction, established labor cooperation bases with the rest of the country and launched various preferential policies to encourage migrant workers to return to Ningbo. For example, Jiangbei District organized six teams to the whole country for recruitment and it conducted online recruitment through big data and Internet technology, which have proven to be effective.

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