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Ninghai's Emerging Industries Showing a Trend of Breakthrough Development
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Recently, the national-level high-tech enterprise Qibing Group's photovoltaic high-transparent substrate project settled in the Binhai Economic Development Zone in southern Ningbo. After the project reaches full capacity, its annual revenue exceeds 4.5 billion yuan. According to reports, Qibing Group will make full use of its accumulated technological advantages and product channel advantages to lay out the photovoltaic glass industry chain, and drive a number of advanced manufacturing projects in the photovoltaic field such as the integration of photovoltaic industry to settle in, effectively promoting the adjustment of Ninghai’s industrial structure. Construct a new pattern for the development of new energy industries.

In recent years, Ninghai has given full play to its comprehensive advantages in location, ecology, and industry, improved industrial policies, established and improved a monitoring mechanism for key enterprises in strategic emerging industries, strengthened follow-up services for enterprises settled down, created a new engine for economic development, and built a new model of sustainable development. Approval of strategic emerging industry projects to achieve industrialization.

In order to comply with the development trend of the global solar photovoltaic industry, Risen Energy Co., Ltd. has deployed 500 watts of high-efficiency modules in Ninghai base ahead of schedule, built new high-efficiency solar cell module production projects, and built 10 high-efficiency monocrystalline module production lines. The project can be completed in 2024. The new high-efficiency solar monocrystalline module production capacity is 8 GW, and the output value exceeds 10 billion yuan. The company's orders are currently scheduled to the second quarter of this year.

Ninghai is also actively planning a new material industry platform by integrating resources and attracting the best. Biomedicine, as the leading industry in Ninghai’s economic transformation and upgrading, has shown a good trend of continuous expansion in total volume, markedly improved innovation capabilities, and rapid agglomeration effects after several years of intensive cultivation. A number of pilot projects are gaining momentum. The lupus erythematosus treatment drug deoxygut methyl tablets jointly developed by Ningbo Ziyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has entered the phase II clinical trial. The preclinical research center has completed the main project After acceptance, 88 team projects have settled in Ninghai Biological Industry Park. By 2025, the economic scale of the biological industry will strive to exceed 10 billion yuan.

The strong magnetic field formed by the superposition of the industry's top enterprises and the fertile ground for investment and entrepreneurship has prompted Ninghai to rapidly form a high-end industrial chain, an innovation chain and a factor chain, and accelerate the breakthrough development of emerging industries such as energy conservation, environmental protection, and new energy. According to reports, this year Ninghai will focus on two provincial-level economic development zones to accelerate the construction of the China-Uzbekistan New Material Industry Research Institute and the public platform for pilot trials of biological drugs to improve the effectiveness of local transformation of innovation and entrepreneurial activities.

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