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“Ginkgo Cultural Festival” is held at Zhejiang Business Technology Institute
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As winter is coming, the ginkgo leaves turn yellow. On November 23, “Ginkgo Cultural Festival” was held in Gongqing Square of Zhejiang Business Technology Institute.


On the square, the ginkgo trees on both sides turned yellow, the fan-shaped leaves slowly floated down, and the graffiti culture shirt waved in the wind. Accompanied by the elegant guzheng music, some students carefully depicted the fan with a brush, some made creative bookmarks with ginkgo leaves, and some laid down paper and wrote poems. The students of the Hanfu Club showed in different styles of Hanfu (traditional Chinese cloth) with ginkgo leaves, bringing people into a beautiful classical painting. Guo Yiqi, a member of the Qiluo Han Culture Club, dressed as a scholar of the Tang Dynasty, was confident in introducing her accessories to the camera. Her wish is to carry forward traditional culture.


“I’m glad to participate in this event, and I really feel the charm of Chinese culture”, Ma Jin, an international student from Bangladesh, said. Just like him, the international students who came to the event all enjoyed themselves.


It is learned that the preparation and organization of the event were undertaken by the students of the Institute’s Omnimedia Center, and the students also launched a thematic photography contest through the Institute’s official microblog. “Only 50 students can participate in the activity, but hundreds of students have registered, which shows that the event is very popular”, host Wang Yangbo said.


“The yellow ginkgo trees will become a scene at this time of the year, and we hold such festival because the students need a cultural festival belonging to themselves. They can meet friends with beautiful scenery and understand the excellent Chinese traditional culture, so as to enhance their patriotism and love for the Institute”, said Hu Xiaohong, the instructor of All Media Center at Zhejiang Business Technology Institute.

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