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Ningbo Cultural Industrial Fair will open this Friday
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The annual Ningbo Cultural Industrial Fair will open again. On the morning of November 23, according to the press conference of the municipal government, the 2021 China (Ningbo) Special Cultural Industry Fair will be held from November 26 to 30, themed with "focus on the Ningbo special and unique programs, promote cultural tourism, deepen the integration of culture and tourism, improve the development of digital economy " to provide wonderful experience virtually.


Under the new normal of epidemic prevention and control, this fair makes full use of online resources to create new attractions. The “online Cultural Industrial fair” is presented in the mode of exhibitors' cloud exhibition hall, Tiktok matrix of cultural tourism enterprises, “cultural tourism life home” venue, and online special venue, etc. Meanwhile, the exhibitors will together with each other will hold a variety of online activities to enhance the enthusiasm of audience participation. On the opening day, the 3rd Intelligent Culture and Tourism Conference, the High-level Summit on the Integration of Culture, Finance and Digital Economy and other live streaming activities will be held, inviting experts and scholars from the economy, tourism, culture and other industries, as well as celebrities in the industry to discuss new trends in the development of the culture and tourism industry online.


In the past year, Ningbo has focused on "special and unique" project to create a new brand of modern coastal metropolis and build a new carrier for the beauty of the whole area and the common wealth of all people. This year, the "Cloud Exhibition Hall" includes the online Cultural Industrial Fair, with the "Fine Line" and "Special Neighborhood" as the main elements as well as "Chen Xiaoqing Ningbo Cultural Heritage Magazine" and "Fan Deng Reading Club" activities; This fair also creates "Mingzhou Twelve Hours" 24-hour live streaming venue, and joins hands with each district and county (city) to comprehensively introduce special interest spots and intangible cultural heritage and cultural products.


Revitalizing the countryside through art has become the highlight of the city's cultural tourism and the development achievements of all-area tourism in recent years. At this year's fair, the organizing committee will hold an online interview with Professor Cong Zhiqiang's team on the topic of "art revitalization of the countryside" to explore new paths for rural revitalization and development driver.


It is the event that attracts the general public and tourists to share the fruits of cultural and tourism development. This year's Fair, themed with promoting cultural tourism consumption, will hold a variety of online activities. Tiktok online venue will launch "interactive topic challenge", setting up "Ala Shanhai Jing (Ningbo Dialect)" topic interactive zone and working with local celebrities to promote Ningbo's local characteristics brand. It will also set up a "cultural tourism live broadcast" area, including more than 30 live broad-cast with goods, interacting with celebrities, to carry out cultural tourism products for the public sales and cultural tourism industry exchanges. The online venue of "Culture and Tourism Live Home" works with local mainstream and special cultural products online marketing platforms to promote "international, oriental, Chinese and Ningbo" cultural brands.

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