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"Dandelion Project" Calligraphy and Aesthetic Education Class Exhibition in Ningbo
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Recently, an exchange exhibition of works by teachers of the 2021 Dandelion Project Calligraphy and Aesthetic Education Class was held at the Ningbo Station Memorial Hall of the Yongcao Railway, with over 50 works by 19 teachers on display. These authors absorbed the essence of traditional culture and combined it with their personal reflections to demonstrate their understanding and expression of calligraphy.

The "Dandelion Project" was initiated and directed by Chen Zhenlian, Vice President of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Vice President and Secretary General of the Xiling Yin Society, and one of the first masters of calligraphy in Ningbo. The public training project aimed to improve aesthetics that he has been providing over the past eight for grassroots units across the country, especially for primary and secondary school calligraphy teachers has been awarded by the Ministry of Propaganda and other units as an advanced project of "New Era Civilization Practice", leaving a great impact in China. Since this summer, the public training activities have gone to Tibetan Nagqu, Shaoxing Keqiao, Hangzhou West Lake District and Tonglu County, covering a large number of primary and secondary school teachers and calligraphy enthusiasts.

The exhibition also presents works of Ningbo prople, such as Gu Jianrong, a member of the Chinese Calligraphy Association from Yuyao, who brought two pieces of work, Chapter 30 of The Doctrine of the Mean and Chapter 31 of The Doctrine of the Mean.

The curator, Ms. Zhang, told reporters that the works on display are diverse in type and form, hoping that through the exhibition, the aesthetic tradition of calligraphy can be presented to the audience, and that they can reflect with them on the meaning of calligraphy, especially the popularization and exploration of calligraphy in the construction of culture in the new era.

The exhibition will run until December 20, and interested members of the public can visit the exhibition for free.

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