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Wu Yongliang Art Museum inaugurated in Yinzhou Academician Park
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Yesterday, Yinzhou Academician Park ushered in the opening ceremony of Wu Yongliang Art Museum, which also unveiled the Wu Yongliang Chinese Painting Exhibition. This art museum is another masterpiece of Yinzhou District to tap, revitalize and utilize the resources of cultural celebrities to create a cultural landmark in the city.

Wu Yongliang (1937 - 2020), born in the town of Wuxiang in Yinzhou District, is a famous Chinese traditional painter, art educator, professor at the China Academy of Art, and the second -generation leader of the "Zhejiang School of figure painting", as well as a master of the Chinese brush figure painting.

In 1962, he graduated from the Department of Chinese Painting of the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts (now the China Academy of Art), where he was taught by many famous masters such as Pan Tianshou, Zhou Changgu, Li Zhenjian and Fang Zengxian. In 1978, he was admitted to the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts as a postgraduate student and stayed on to teach after graduation.

Wu is brilliant at freehand figure painting. In the 1980s, he created the "free-sketch style and line drawing technique” of figure painting, innovated the teaching methods, and played an important role in the teaching of Chinese figure painting and contemporary art education.

This art exhibition, focused on Wu’s artistic achievements and life history, presents his life path, noble character and artistry through a rich collection of documents, old photographs and works.

Wu drifted around Shanghai, Hangzhou and Wenzhou throughout his life. In his later years he went abroad to seek new ideas and changes, but his love for his hometown always lingered: he often used images of the southern water towns such as the Wuxiang River in his paintings.

The opening ceremony was accompanied by the launch another project to revitalize the culture of Yinzhou in Song Dynasty (960-1279). For that to happen, Yinzhou District will introduce the professional resources of the China Academy of Fine Arts, and through the implementation of the new project, the district aims to revitalize the lyrics, paintings and residences of Song Dynasty so as to promote the integration of Song culture into the life of the citizens.

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