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45 New Green Food Certified in Ningbo
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It was learned from the Green Development Center of the Municipal Agriculture and Rural Bureau the day before yesterday that after the review of the expert review meeting of the China Green Food Development Center, all the 45 green food applications declared by the city this year have passed the review.

Up to now, the city has 188 green food companies with 277 products; 1 national green food raw material standardized production base; 2 green food production materials companies with 15 products.

According to reports, green food certified products refer to safe and high-quality edible agricultural products and related products that produce a good ecological environment, are produced in accordance with green food standards, implement full-process quality control, and obtain the right to use green food marks. Agricultural products and processed foods can only be called "green foods" after obtaining the right to use the green food labels after application, inspection, testing, and approval in accordance with the procedures stipulated in the "Measures for the Administration of Green Food Marks".

In recent years, the city has always adhered to the idea of promoting quality agriculture and green agriculture, actively promoting the production of green high-quality agricultural products, taking the development of green food, geographical indication agricultural products and organic agricultural products as the main starting point to improve the effective supply of green high-quality agricultural products, and comprehensively promoting the city’s green Integrated development of the food industry.

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