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Protect the travel safety of the elderly
2021-10-13Text Size: A A A

(shot by Yanlong, Lu Mingguang)


The day before yesterday afternoon, two builders were installing traffic signs that "Attention to the Elderly Ahead" at the intersection of Minan Road and Xu Rong Road. According to statistics, from January to June this year, the number of elderly people killed in traffic accidents accounted for nearly half of the total number of traffic deaths in our city. In view of this, the Traffic Police Department of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, based on the national standard format, has designed traffic signs to remind drivers to reduce speed, pay attention to the elderly passing ahead.


In May this year, the traffic police department set the first traffic sign at the intersection of Youngor Nursing Home on Yinzhou Avenue. By the end of September, it has mapped 45 nursing homes and the surrounding traffic situation while installing 12 "Attention to the Elderly Ahead" traffic signs, this initiative will be gradually covered the whole city.

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