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Book Fair in the lens
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On October 9, the 7th Zhejiang Book Fair opened grandly in Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center.

The annual theme of this year's book fair is "A tribute to a century of reading leading fashion", and Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center Hall 1, Hall 5, and Hall 6 will be used as the main exhibition halls, with a total area of 16,560 square meters. More than 300 exhibiting publishing houses will be exhibited. There are about 20,000 kinds of books, and there are 10 pavilions such as thematic pavilion, Zhejiang Edition pavilion, China Edition Group pavilion, Ningbo pavilion, characteristic bookstore pavilion, canal culture pavilion, digital reading pavilion, etc.

At the same time, the province's Xinhua Bookstore, specialty bookstores, and farm bookstores also have more than 100 offline sub-venues, and the e-commerce platform online bookstore has more than 100 online sub-venues. During the book fair, more than 450 reading promotion activities will be launched in the main branch venue. Many famous writers and cultural masters who are loved by readers will visit the venue to present a book feast for readers.

The current book fair lasts for three days and lasts until October 11.

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