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Last Year Ningbo's Waterway Freight Volume Exceeding 300 Million Tons
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The 10,000-ton product oil tanker "Zheneng Oil 1" was put into operation in September 2020.

(Photo courtesy of Ningbo Shipping Group)


According to data from Ningbo Port and Shipping Management Center, in 2020, the city has completed a total of 3.817 billion yuan in investment in water transport construction, an increase of 13.68% year-on-year and 107.13% of the annual plan. Waterway cargo transportation increased slightly. The city's waterway transportation companies completed a total of 30.448.9 million tons of waterway freight, a year-on-year increase of 0.95%, and completed cargo turnover of 360.796 billion ton-kilometers, a year-on-year increase of 3.75%, which was 5.55% higher than the provincial average.


In the first half of last year, port and shipping production was severely impacted, and the cumulative indicators of port and water transport production fell significantly. Since June last year, the economic indicators of port and shipping have continued to rise, and the main indicators of shipping production in a single month in June have turned positive. In the third quarter, port and shipping production continued to recover, and the cumulative index of cargo turnover turned from negative to positive.


In 2020, there will be 14 newly opened water transport companies and 11 deregistered companies in the city. There are currently 150 water transport companies, including 10 passenger transport companies. During the year, there was a net reduction of 31 ships and a net reduction of 31,000 deadweight tons. There are 590 ships in operation in the city, with a total capacity of 10.234 million dwt, a decrease of 0.70% year-on-year; there are 243 cargo ships of 10,000 tons or more with a total capacity of 9,452,400 dwt, accounting for 92.36% of the total capacity, an increase of 0.65 percentage points year-on-year. The average tonnage of coastal cargo ships in the city was 19,877 dwt, an increase of 960 dwt year-on-year, and the trend of large ships continued.


Fruitful achievements have been made in the construction of water transport projects. In 2020, 14 water transport construction projects in the city will be completed (including partial completion), and 9 will be completed; 18 berths will be completed and 14 new berths will be completed; 6 berths above 10,000 tons will be completed, of which 3 will be added above 10,000 tons; The newly-designed annual throughput capacity is 24.1 million tons, of which the newly-added container design throughput capacity is 1.25 million TEU. So far, Ningbo Port has 113 production berths above 10,000 tons, of which 32 are above 100,000 tons.


In the past year, our city has fully completed a number of important terminals such as the 100,000-ton container terminal for general berths in Beilun Port, the 150,000-ton container terminal in Meishan Port Area, and the 70,000-ton container terminal in Chuanshan Port Area. . The completion of a group of tens of millions of container berths in Beilun (Daxie) port area and a group of tens of millions of container berths in Chuanshan port area has strongly supported the construction of a world-class strong port. In addition, 14 projects including the No. 1 70,000-ton container terminal in Chuanshan Port Area, the 100,000-ton-class terminal project for the transformation of general berths in the Beilun Port Area, and the Dazhongzhuang 5000-ton general-purpose terminal in the trunk gate operation area of Xiangshan Port have passed the completion acceptance. The completion acceptance of 9 projects including the No. 6 to No. 7 container terminal project in Meishan Port Area (Phase 1) was completed.


The preliminary water transport project is progressing smoothly. The construction of 5 projects including Shipu Port China Supply and Marketing Group International Aquatic Products Flow Park Wharf Project, Chuanshan Port Area Dangerous Goods Yard Relocation Project, Xinhai Oil Depot Phase II, and Chuanshan Port Area Dongfang Cable Temporary Wharf Project started construction.

Passenger transportation by water has decreased. In 2020, the city's waterway passenger transport companies completed a total of 1,380,700 passengers and a passenger turnover of 5.0552 million kilometers, a decrease of 24.47% and 26.41% from the previous year.


Last year, the reduction of shipping economic index in Ningbo slowed down. From January to November 2020, the average value of Ningbo's shipping industry prosperity index was 103.8 points, a year-on-year decrease of 1.3%; the average value of shipping enterprise confidence index was 93.6 points, a year-on-year decrease of 2.7%. Among them, the average values of the shipping industry prosperity index and shipping enterprise confidence index from July to November were 108.2 points and 100.1 points, respectively, up 0.9% and 3.4% year-on-year.

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