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Registration for the First "Ningbo Science and Technology Innovation, Ningbo Yongchuang Future" Science and Technology Innovation Competition Kicking off
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To Speed up the construction of high-level innovative cities is inseparable from the "engine" of scientific and technological talents. Yesterday, it was learned from relevant departments that from today, the registration for the first "Science and Technology Innovation, Ningbo, Ningbo, and Ningbo, Creates the Future" Science and Technology Innovation Competition was launched.


It is understood that the competition is sponsored by the Municipal Association for Science and Technology, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, and the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, and undertaken by the Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Association and Ningbo Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University. Focusing on major industrial areas in Ningbo, such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, intelligent manufacturing, engineering equipment, mechanical and electrical products, stationery products, and electronic production, the competition will be launched for three types of innovative teams: innovation and creativity, technological innovation, and design creation. High-quality development injects new vitality.


It is reported that the competition will be divided into three stages: "preliminary evaluation, semi-final, and final". "We will evaluate the fit, innovation, maturity, and application value of the project with the development direction of Ningbo's industry, and select 50 projects to enter the final." The relevant person in charge of the organizing committee introduced. In the finals, contestants’ on-site defenses, results presentations, and comprehensive expert reviews were used to select, and awards at all levels were generated. A total of 2 first prizes, 3 second prizes, 5 third prizes, and 20 outstanding prizes were determined for technological innovation. , Several shortlisted awards, 2 outstanding organization awards. The award-winning projects will not only receive bonuses, certificates, etc., but also a certain "priority" in financing docking and declaration of intellectual property protection.


It is understood that all participants can participate in the competition in Ningbo high (vocational) schools, research institutes, enterprises and institutions, innovative design institutions and individuals. The organizing committee will also invite some high (vocational) schools and overseas scientific research institutions inside and outside the province to participate in the competition. Participants can download the attachment "Application Form for the First "Technology Innovation Ningbo Yong Create Future" Science and Technology Innovation Competition" through the official website of the competition (http://www.nbkjcx.com) and submit relevant materials. The deadline for registration is May 2021. 30th.


"The competition aims to build a technological innovation design competition and display platform, with technological innovation supporting design creation, promoting industrial transformation and development as the guide, gathering social technological innovation design forces, and serving the high-quality development of Ningbo's economy." The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau introduced.

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