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Hundreds of Cultural and Tourist Activities Accompanying You to Stay in Ningbo for the New Year
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Recently, many people from other places working and studying in Ningbo decided to stay in Ningbo for the Spring Festival. In order to let the old and new Ningbo people who stay in Ningbo enjoy the one-stop service of food, accommodation, transportation, travel, entertainment and shopping, yesterday afternoon, the Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism, together with all districts and counties (cities), issued information on one hundred cultural and tourist activities to celebrate the 2021 New Year.


By motivating in all areas, this year's Spring Festival cultural tourism activities in Ningbo are rich in content and diverse in forms. Popular scenic spots such as Daren Village, Zhaobao Mountain, Qiantong Ancient Town, Xiangshan Film and Television City, and Youngor Zoo combine folk customs and, create a strong atmosphere of tourism and New Year through experiential activities. In Xiangshan, there is an annual film and television temple fair, where you can watch the lion king fight for hegemony, meet the celebrities, and play immersive experiences. You can also enjoy learning in the ancient city of Shipu Fishing Port, experience the national costume show, and taste local snacks. In Hangzhou Bay New Area, Fantawild's Chinese New Year activities take "folk customs" and "national tide" as the themes, leading tourists to regain the memories of the New Year. The ancient county town of Cicheng, which became popular because of Metro Line 4, launched a large-scale light show with the theme of "National Tide" during the Spring Festival.


After the integration of cultural and tourism, this year's Spring Festival activities in our city will enjoy the elegant and popular activities. The Yinzhou Intangible Heritage Museum, Geological Treasure Museum, Ningbo Qianfeng Yue Kiln Celadon Museum, etc. launched dozens of themed works exhibitions, allowing people to learn knowledge and experience during the Spring Festival. The exhibitions and interactive experience activities of the Municipal Cultural Center, Tianyi Pavilion Museum, Ningbo Museum, and Ningbo Gang Museum are also diverse and rich in content.


Some tourist hotels and cultural venues in our city have also launched many "New Year on the Clouds" activities, which is eye-catching. Starting in early February, Ningbo Library has launched activities such as "Librarian Online Book Delivery" and "Cloud Live Concert". Fenghua Library and Fenghua Xinhua Bookstore held a series of online lectures on the New Year, Zhao Dan's reading time story sharing session, and "Niuhua" in the Year of the Ox. Dongqian Lake Tourism Bureau launched special products for the Spring Festival in Lohas Mall, and distributed travel packages to fans in the form of auctions and crowdfunding.

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