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Sanjiangkou Light Show Paying Tribute to "the Most Beautiful Persons in Zhejiang"
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The special effects text "Zhejiang Pride" is illuminated on the facades of important buildings on Sanjiangkou Zone in Ningbo

(Photo by Zhang Kaikai and Ying Jian)


Last night, the 2020 Persons of the Year of Zhejiang province was officially announced, with the theme "Most Beautiful Persons in Zhejiang • Zhejiang Pride" In order to cooperate with the annual "Zhejiang Pride" awards ceremony, the urban management and municipal department designed and produced the "Light up Zhejiang, pay tribute to pride" theme light show, which appeared on Sanjiang Liuan from 18:00 to 22:00 yesterday to pay tribute to the most beautiful persons of Zhejiang province.


It is reported that on the day of the commendation ceremony, the large-screen landmark outdoor advertisements of 11 cities in Zhejiang province played the theme of "Light up Zhejiang, paying tribute to pride", so as to praise the "most beautiful persons of Zhejiang province" at the same time. During the lighting period, the special effects text "Zhejiang Pride" will be lit up together with the icon of a golden trophy on the facades of important buildings on the six banks of the rivers in Ningbo, cheering for the "most beautiful persons of Zhejiang province". At the same time, the top of the Zhongnongxin Building also broadcasts the words "Zhejiang Ningbo", "Saluting Zhejiang Pride" and "The Most Beautiful Persons of Zhejiang".

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