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Full Coverage of Provincial Forest Towns in Yuyao
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The spectacle of rime in Simingshan National Forest Park after snow. (Profile picture)

Simingshan Town and Hemudu Town in Yuyao City have recently been awarded as “Forest Towns in Zhejiang Province”. So far, Yuyao has successfully created 15 "Zhejiang Forest Towns", achieving full coverage of provincial forest towns (except urban areas), and is the first county-level city in Ningbo to achieve full coverage.

In accordance with the standards and requirements for the creation of provincial forest towns, Yuyao City conducts a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the ecological construction status of each created township. Guided by green development, it optimizes the spatial layout and scientifically compiles the construction plan of “provincial forest towns”. There is planning review before creation, inspection guidance during creation, and summary acceptance after creation. In recent years, the city has invested more than 300 million yuan in project construction funds.

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