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Yuyao Agricultural Fair Opens Online
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The 12th China Yuyao-Hemudu Agricultural Fair opened online on January 11. Due to the epidemic prevention and control, this agricultural fair was shifted from offline to online, for which the Yuyao Agricultural and Rural Bureau, together with an e-commerce platform, launched the “Yuyao Agricultural Fair” WeChat mini-program during the fair.


The public can simply scan the QR code of the app and log on to the product page to easily shop for various kinds of quality New Year’s products. After the shopping is completed, the e-commerce platform will be responsible for delivering the goods to their doorsteps, so that the public can have their orders delivered to their doorstep.

Relying on the cost advantage of the e-commerce platform, farmers and businesses are highly motivated to participate in the fair. The exhibition includes fresh fruits such as strawberries, navel oranges and kiwis, as well as dried vegetables such as squash, dried radish and pickled gourd, and royal jelly, free-range local chicken and bad chicken. “The exhibition is held on the one hand to showcase and exhibit all kinds of high-quality green and safe agricultural products and to promote Yuyao’s special advantageous industries, and on the other hand to build a sales platform for the agricultural products of our counterpart areas”, Xie Junsheng, head of the platform, said.


The agricultural fair will last until January 25, during which live-streaming activities will also be held to give away free snapper peptides and other agricultural products.

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