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The province’s senior engineer title review committee in automobile industry is set up
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Nearly 200,000 technical personnel in automobile industry across the province finally ushered in their own professional title evaluation system! Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau reported recently that the city established the province’s Qualification Assessment Committee for Senior Engineers of Automobile Industry, which made independent review possible for relevant personnel.

According the evaluation program, high-profile judging panel was to evaluate in-service technical personnel from such fields as technology development of whole vehicle and spare parts, engineering design, manufacturing and technology and technical management. Under the panel, there are four sub-discipline groups across the whole industry set based on the current situation and future development direction of the automobile industry, including vehicle and spare parts, power system electronic and electrical and intelligent development, manufacturing and technology.

It is worth mentioning that automobile engineering was separated from machinery industry and that senior engineer in automobile industry was set independently. The latter is to be reviewed in Ningbo Hangzhou Bay New District by the leading automobile manufacturer -- Geely Automobile Group Co. Ltd., together with the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and Hangzhou Bay New District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau t. The evaluation event will mark the second time that the city has undertaken the provincial level evaluation program with high-profile judging panel. 

On the top of that, the professional title evaluation system was reformed to change the previous tilt to “personnel with decent education background, working experience and academic achievement” into the focus on work performance and actual contribution through an intra-industry evaluation mechanism based on peer expert reviews. The new evaluation criteria increase the weight of technological innovation, patents, transformation of results, standards and other evaluation indicators, aiming to make title evaluation process rigor, practical and professional.

It is said that the year 2021 would usher in the first year of the qualification evaluation program being carried out. Relevant plans have been released on the platform of Zhejiang Province’s Technical Personnel Job Application and Qualification Evaluation (https://zcps.rlsbt.zj.gov.cn). Personnel interested can log in the system for application and the deadline falls on January 1, 2021.  

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