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-6.4℃, lowest temperature in Ningbo urban area in past 4 years
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Lake shore of Dongqian Lake, Hanling (Photo by Yu Lingling)

The second day after entering the “three nine” period, Ningbo continued to cool down with icescape appearing in many places including Dongqian Lake. On January 9, the temperature of Ningbo dropped to -6.4℃, the same as the lowest temperature on New Year's Day which is the lowest temperature in the past 4 years. The temperature began a slow recovery during the day, with the maximum temperature rising to 3.9°C.

Ningbo Weather Station continued to issue a severe cold alert and an orange warning signal for low temperatures on January 9. Affected by strong cold air, the lowest temperature would decrease from -4 ℃ to -6 ℃, mountainous areas -6 ℃ to -9 ℃, with severe freezing.

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