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Home of talents releases a powerful magnetic field
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On the afternoon of September 15th, the 2020 2nd Sino-German Talent Innovation Forum kicked off. Affected by the epidemic, many experts and talents at home and abroad were unable to attend the event in person. The conference was broadcast live globally, andexperts and talents at home and abroad invited to participate in the conference online and offline. More than 2,000 online and offline talents and guests were invited to attend the opening ceremony.

At the opening ceremony, five talent projects led by academicians and experts signed contracts with Yinzhou, achieving a win-win cooperation. The total investment in these projects is about 1.1 billion yuan.

It is also learnedthat the inauguration ceremony of Ningbo Talent Home ("Wanyouyinli" meeting room) in Yinzhou was also held on the same day, aiming to provide better service for talent growth.

The "Wanyouyinli" living room is located in Ningbo branch of Zhejiang Tsinghua Yangtze River Delta Research Institute, with a total area of 1,800 square meters. It has a "1+X" full functional platform with the Global Science and Technology Roadshow Center as the core,Shuimu tea house and the entrepreneurial coffee bar. In accordance with the market-oriented operation, open communication, integrated service and other models, the meeting room will take advantage of resources such as the Tsinghua Yangtze River Delta Research Institute and the Global Science and Technology Roadshow Center to carry out special activities such as the CEO’s breakfast meeting, makers’afternoon tea, and salon sharing sessions.It will form a strong resource flow for technological innovation, provide full services such as project docking, landing registration, reward declaration, financing support, and listings. It will be built into a "home of innovation and entrepreneurship", "home of inspiration collision" and "home of life service" for talents.

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