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China Marine Fishery Culture Center starts trial operation
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It was learned from Xiangshan on September 15 that on the occasion of the 23rd China (Ningbo Xiangshan) Fishing Festival, the China Marine Fishery Cultural Center in Shipu was put into trial operation.

The China Marine Fishery Cultural Center uses the old factory area of  "Shipu No. 1 Freezing Plant" to restore and protect a large number of industrial remains such as ice bridges, ice towers and oil storage tanks, basically retaining the original layout and features, and highlighting the full industrial atmosphere.

With the theme of marine fishery culture, the museum strives to build a diverse cultural and creative park. The main building on the original site, as the core area of the marine fishery culture exhibition, focuses on displaying the extensive and profound fishing culture, and extensively uses AR technology and naked-eye 3D technology to develop immersive projects to reproduce the life scene of fishermen and the ocean world.

"Activating the use of'ShipuNo. 1 Freezing Plant' to build the China Marine Fishery Cultural Center project not only needs to retain the memory of the fishing port, but also to reshape the cultural charm." According to the person in charge of Xiangshan Tourism Group, the project covers a total area of 9,415 square meters with a total investment of 135 million yuan for thethe construction of the museum and the cultural and creative park. It is expected to be fully completed and put into operation next year. By then, it will become the "T stage" for the innovation and entrepreneurship of Xiangshan and even the national marine fishery culture.

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