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Full fishing starts in East China Sea on Sept.16
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It is learned from the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs that according to the plan, at 12p.m. on September 16th, East China Sea will end the four-and-a-half-month summer fishing moratorium and usher in full fishing. The last batch of 2,153 trawlers, sail-spreading fishing boats and auxiliary fishing boats in our city will sail to sea for fishing.

These fishing boats mainly come from Xiangshan, Fenghua, Ninghai and other places, and they are the main force of marine fishing in our city. Starting from September 12, the fishing ports in key fishing areas such as Shipu in Xiangshan andChuhu Lake in Fenghua have become lively. The crew are busy adding oil, ice, netting, purchasing living supplies, etc. for the fishing journey. Lao Lin, the boss of the Tongzhao fishing village in Fenghua, said that according to the usual practice, the “first net” seafood will be available on the 18th.

In order to ensure the compliance and orderliness fishing boats, the municipal and county fishery departments, in accordance with the requirements of 8 aspects, including the implementation rate of fishing boat inspection and file establishment and the implementation rate of fishing boat safety terminal equipment start-up, visited fishing ports, fishing villages and grass-roots service stations in different groups to carry out inspection and supervision of the fishing work, and ensure safety responsibilities. After the full fishing, the focus of fishery law enforcement will shift to fishery safety management, resource conservation and marine environmental protection. Four large-tonnage law enforcement vessels will carry out high-frequency law enforcement operations in coastal waters.

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