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"Fishing Festival" light show on September 14
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On September 16, the 23rd China (Xiangshan) Fishing Festival is coming. Every year, it is a festival for foodies.

The opening of the fishing festival in 2020 is very different. If you go to Sanjiangkou at night, you will find the magnificent light show on the buildings there. Light and shadow are intertwined with pictures full of fishing elements, twinkling on three rivers and six banks with the rain.

The light show uses fishing as the theme, and the overall tone is blue and red, reflecting the rich local culture of Xiangshan.

The light show starts with the Gold Coast, and through the animated display of the grand event of the “Thousand Sails Race”, and the use of slogans such as "Fishing Starts", "Hey Xiangshan", "Xiangshan Welcome" and other slogans, the light show is full of vitality.

The glorious Sanjiangkou representsthe most beautiful night of Ningbo.Let us welcome the fishing carnival together.

It is learned that this light show will be played from 7:00-10:30 every night from September 14th to 16th.

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