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Ningbo Free Trade Zone strives to create a new engine for high-quality development
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At the just-concluded World Digital Economy Conference and the 10th Smart Expo, the curved screen displayed by Innolux attracted a large crowd. "This is the world's first rollable curved screen. It adopts MINI-LED technology, which not only has more vivid colors, but also has a larger bendable arc." Mu Guobin, the company's general manager, said that the current Innolux's curved screen has been gradually applied to the concept cars of Cadillac and other car companies, "Once the product is massproduced, it can increase Innolux's annual sales revenue by more than 6 billion yuan."

Through the introduction and cultivation, the core industry of the digital economy represented by Innolux has injected new power into the accelerated development of Ningbo Free Trade Zone. GIGABYTE follows the wave of 5G development and promotes the upgrading of leading products. The annual output value of cloud storage projects exported to Russia is as high as 1 billion yuan; Chenming Electronics has seized the "new infrastructure" policy dividend and deepened cooperation between enterprises in the 5G field. The output value of 5G product series and storage products in 2020 is expected to exceed 100 million yuan...Data shows that in the first 7 months of 2020, the core industry of the digital economy in Ningbo Free Trade Zone achieved an output value of 15.26 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10.87%, accounting for 75.83 of the total industrial output value of the district. %.

While the digital industrialization continues to increase, the industrial digitalization in Ningbo Free Trade Zone is also booming. Veken Battery invested 64 million yuan to build a "polymer lithium battery" digital workshop, and realized the real-time sharing and release of production information through the introduction of the industrial Internet; Ningbo CIMC invested 500 million yuan to build a digital factory, and has completed the full-line connection of ERP and MES systems. According to statistics, there will be 14 key technological transformation projects of over 10 million yuanin the bonded zone in 2020, including 9 technological transformation projects for the digital economy industry, with an estimated annual investment of 640 million yuan.

"The digital economy is theNo.1 Project of Ningbo's economic development. In recent years, Ningbo Free Trade Zone has been guided by industrial digitalization and digital industrialization, and the development of digital economy has been continuously optimized, and the proportion of core industries has further increased." The relevant person in charge of Ningbo Free Trade Zone said, according to the plan, Ningbo Free Trade Zone will continue to speed up the upgrading and transformation to attract and cultivate excellent digital economy projects, and contributeto Ningbo's efforts to become an "important window" model student in Zhejiang.

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