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Old Bund Street to be built as the most fashionable international street
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The new Qianjiang Street and Old Bund Street were officially established in Jiangbei District on June 29.

The new Old Bund Street, consolidated by the former Zhongma Street and Baisha Street, will become the most typical block of the Sanjiangkou area.

The street is west to the Dingying Road, north to the North Daqing Road, east to the Renmin Road, north and northwest to the Yongjiang River, northeast to the Yaojiang River. Southeast to the Tongtu Road and Qinghe Road, and south to the North Ring Road. With an area of 3.9 square kilometers and a total population of 37,600 people, the street consists of 12 communities, namely the Fushi Community, the Xinma Community, the Huaishu Community, the Yancang Community, the Old Bund Community, the Baisha Community, the Taoyuan Community, the Zhengda Community, the North Station Community, the Daqing Community, the Baojia Community and the Huxi Community.

In future, the new Old Bund Street will be built as the most energetic, the most fashionable and the most international accumulation area, as well as an important window to display the major construction achievements of Jiangbei District.

The most energetic street. The Old Bund area has long been a place for the young people for listening to the bands and visiting the fairs, and it has become the most energetic landmark of the Sanjiangkou area, especially in the evening. In future, the district will accelerate the construction of the national walking street zone and that of the landmark block at the highest standard and to the international demand, making the street an important window to display the image of a commercial port.

The most fashionable street. With such urban complexes as the Raffles City, the Colorful City and the New Field, the street attracts the most fashionable businesses and people. In future, by integrating such featured consumer blocks as the water street and the historical block of the Xinma Road, the street will be built as a high-end shopping area with the most fashionable trends, serving as an important window to display the high-quality water-side urban life and the strength of the district in this consumption era.

The most international street. The Old Bund Street is The earliest opening area of Ningbo to the outside world, and also one of the most concentrated areas of foreign-related institutions, where the Chinese and Western economies and cultures collide. In the future, the street will accelerate the integration of the “Belt and Road” and the CEEC “17+1” economic, trade and cultural exchanges, and speed up the construction of the Old Bund international community. By giving full play to the role of such international organizations as the CEEC Exchange Center, and the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center, and build the most representative landmark for the integration of the Chinese and the western cultures.

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