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310 book circulation cases installed at reading stations
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Since the official launching of the “book circulation in Ningbo” activity at the 5th Zhejiang Provincial Book Fair as well as the 2019 Ningbo Reading Festival, the first book circulation cases have been launched at ten reading stations. Over the past six months, the project has made great progress. The 310 book circulation cases, purchased by Ningbo Xinhua Bookstore, are being installed at the reading stations all over the city.

Yinzhou District does well in the activity. So far, 47 reading stations have been established in the district, with another 20 stations to be built. By integrating the reading station construction with such places as the new-era civilization practice centers, township or town cultural and sports centers, community cultural hoes and rural cultural auditoriums, the district aims to build the personalized reading stations. For example, the reading station of Wandi Village of Xiaying Street, a national civilized village, has the classical red books as its feature. Meanwhile, a series of activities have been launched to further improve the public awareness rate and brand influence of the “book circulation” project. For the undergoing activities of book exchange and book drifting of Yinzhou District Library, the reading stations have become the implementation and promotion carriers. In June 2020, the publicity copy of the “book circulation activity” was posted at the xinhuanet.com. Within only six hours, it attracted over one million views, spreading the green cycle concept of book circulation and the innovative mass reading concept to the whole country.

The “book circulation activity” is a public service project to promote universal reading, serving as a beam of light to light up the city’s public space. Ningbo will actively improve the standard of public reading services, and build the “book circulation” a sound project brand, lighting up this city of love with the fragrance of books.

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