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Opening ceremony of Ali Center of Ningbo held
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 It only takes 11 days from negotiation to agreement signing, and 40 days from negotiation to project settlement. On the morning of June 28, the Ali Center of Ningbo was inaugurated, with the independent legal person qualification, as a result of the overall cooperation between Alibaba Group and Ningbo, and a group of major digital projects were signed in the meantime.  

 On May 19, 2020, Ningbo signed the overall cooperation framework agreement with the Alibaba Group, to accelerate the overall and in-depth cooperation between the two parties. Only 11 days have passed since the start of the negotiation between them. In the following one month, the preparation work of eight projects were effectively promoted. In the interim, the Taobao live-broadcasting industrial base and the Taobao University settled down in Ningbo, and held such series activities as “The Mayor is Coming” and “intelligent manufacturing”.

 The newly opened Ningbo Ali Center, located in Haishu District, is an independent legal entity established by Alibaba Group in Ningbo, aiming to co-ordinate all the affairs of the group in Ningbo and realize the all-round and in-depth cooperation with Ningbo, which can be called as Alibaba's "home" in Ningbo.

 Ningbo Ali Center will give full play to the advantages of digital economy, accelerate the promotion of digital industrialization and industrial digitization, and expand the scale of the core industry of digital economy. It will give full play to the advantages of the traditional trade, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the traditional business of the Sanjiangkou area, and encourage the improvement of business and trade in Ningbo. It will also give full play to the advantage of the innovative ecological accumulation, thus leading to the benign linkage with the Yongjiang River Science and Innovation Corridor, and the fusion effect of the scientific and technological innovation and the development of the emerging industries. 

It is reported that Ningbo will cooperate with the Ali Center to to strengthen the coordination in the industrial Internet and co-build the “city of industrial Internet”, especially in such advantageous industries as petrochemical industry, automobile manufacturing, household appliances, and fashion and textile industry. They will co-build the digital supply chain center and the state-level cross-border e-commerce hub center, and co-build the new-type hub-like international trade center with global competitiveness. The Digital Ningbo Co. Ltd. will be established, and the digital transformation of Ningbo government, the urban digital treatment and new intelligent urban construction will be accelerated. They will co-build the Ali cloud manufacturing innovation center to strengthen the online-offline linkage, introduce the high-quality innovative ecology, and they will co-build the nationally leading talent training center, incubation accelerating center and technological output center. They will strengthen the publicity degree of the brands made in Ningbo, introduce more quality enterprises and innovative teams, and co-build the “city of single item champions in manufacturing”.

Also unveiled on the spot are Digital Ningbo Co., Ltd. andAlibabaCloudNewManufacturingInnovationCenter.NingboAliCenteralso signed a new retail cooperation agreement with Haishu District Government and Ningbo Urban Construction Investment Holding Co. Ltd., and signed a memorandum of understanding on industrial Internet cooperation with Supcon Technology and Bluetron. It signed a cooperation agreement on digital life services trade with Ningbo Bureau of Commerce, a cooperation agreement on Ali cloud industrial Internet center with Jiangbei District Government, a cooperation agreement on building an industrial Internet platform for household appliances with Ningbo Artificial Intelligence Industrial Institute, and a cooperation agreement on building the credible block chain platform for household appliances with College of Science and Technology, Ningbo University. In the meantime, the activity of promotingNingbo’s construction of an international consumer city was launched at the opening ceremony of the center.

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