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Number of new market entities in May increases
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It is learned from Ningbo Market  Supervision Bureau that 19,333 market entities in various forms were newly  established in Ningbo in May 2020, up by 10.1% over the same period of last  year, with a daily new addition of 624. Among others, the enterprises of the  secondary and tertiary industries accounted for 99.4% of the total, with the  investment enthusiasm being very high in such sectors as wholesale and retail  industry, scientific research and technological services, manufacturing,  leasing and business services. By the end of May, there had been 1,048,392  market entities in various forms, up by 7.6% over the same period of last  year.

Since the beginning of 2020, Ningbo has launched  a series of policies to solve the difficult problems in market access, tax  cuts, smooth financing and precise services.

In terms of commercial system, Ningbo has  constantly optimized the “one-day” whole process of enterprise opening and promoted  the realization of free claim of electronic tax control. The construction of  intelligent auxiliary approval system has been explored to realize the  regularization of the business scope registration. The full coverage of “license  separation” reform has been promoted, with the expanded scope of notification  commitment system approval and the “one-trip” transfer of enterprises  citywide. The administrative approval process has been simplified, with the  special treatment to the epidemic supplies producers and sellers. The opening  process of the  foreign-funded  enterprises has been accelerated with some innovative methods to further  optimize the administrative approval services.

According to an official from the market  supervision bureau, the negative growth of the newly added market entities  every month has been on the decline, and then the month of May witnessed the  positive growth for the first time, marking the official opening of the new  phase of Ningbo’s economy against the crises.

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