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National dance drama “Mulan” staged
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On the stage, the “handsome” Mulan in the martial attire, the grand scenes of war, and the shocking melody all excited the audience. On the evening of June 27, the national dance drama “Mulan” was stated on the Natural Stage, as the last and closing drama of the fine drama performance season of Ningbo Performing Arts Group.

Since its premiere at the National Grand Theatre in Beijing in May 2017, “Mulan” has been awarded the Lotus Award, the top prize of the dancing circle of China, and the “Five-one Project” award of the 14th spiritual civilization construction plan of Zhejiang Province. The drama has since become a special scene both in terms of the professional awards and in terms of public praise of the audience.

As is reported, the performing arts group has taken a lot of measures to heat up the performance market. Over the past two months, over 300 staff members of the group have devoted themselves to the practice activities. A famous Kun Opera artist and Plum Award winner was invited by the Shaoxing Opera and Ningbo Opera Troupes of the group to conduct training to the performers. The Singing and Dancing Troupe and the Modern Drama Troupe invited the experts from the province to give professional training and artistic lectures. The modern drama troupe composed its first environment-themed children’s drama “adventure in the museum”.

In June, the fine drama performance season of the performing arts group focused on public welfare and art popularization, and the lowest ticket price was only 10 yuan. Seven plays were staged, including the dance drama “the red dowry”, the Shaoxing Opera “ladies of Mingzhou”, the Ningbo Opera “pearl pagoda” and the children’s play “adventure in the museum”.

According to a person in charge from the performing arts group, as a state-owned organization, the group undertakes the social duty of providing colorful spiritual and cultural products to the people. Then in July and August, the Natural Stage will stage wonderful plays every Saturday, including Ningbo operas, Shaoxing operas and children’s plays. Meanwhile, the group will continue to compose fine plays and perform them in communities and countryside, to satisfy people’s aspiration for better lives and promote the restoration of the performing market.

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