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Celebrations of Duanwu in Jiulong Lake
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Villagers in Jiulonghu Town are performing dragon dancing (Photo by Yan Ning and He Feng)

Dragon dance, making sachets, making Zongzi... On June 23, Jiulonghu Town, Zhenhai District, carried out a variety of Dragon Boat Festival folk activities in accordance with traditional customs, and the strong festive atmosphere attracted many tourists.

Dragon Dance at Dragon Boat Festival has been in Jiulonghu Town for more than ten years. "Every year on Dragon Boat Festival, our dragon dance team will bring wonderful performances to each village, and send festive blessings to every villager, wishing them happiness and well-being." The Dragon Dance Team captain informs. After the “Dragon Tour” activity, villagers and tourists went to Wenxi Village, Jiulonghu Town to make sachets and Zongzi in a local farmhouse.

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