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Second longest tunnel of Jinhua-Ningbo Railway starts construction
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The Baocun Tunnel, the second longest tunnel of Jinhua-Ningbo Railway, started construction on May 18. With a total length of 10,360 meters, the tunnel spans through Shangtian Town, Xiaowangmiao Town and Xikou Town, and it is an important control project of the Ningbo section of the railway. The 14,684-meter-long Qianshiyan Tunnel, the first phase of the project, is also speeding up its construction. So far, 13 spots of the project in Fenghua District have started construction, and all the key nodes of the project have been ready for construction.

Reportedly, the railway will adopt the pattern for both passenger and cargo trains, with nine stations along the railway, including Yunlong Station, Fenghua Station, Xikou Station, Xinchang Station, Shengzhou Station, Nanshan Lake Station, Hulu Station, Dongyang Station and Suxi Station. The designed speed of the railway is 160 kilometers per hour, and upon completion, it will greatly shorten the travel time from Ningbo to Jinhua. In future, it will take only 22 minutes to travel from East Railway Station of Ningbo to Xikou Station, and 89 minutes to Jinhua Station. As for the cargo transportation, the railway can meet the requirements of the double-decker container trains. The whole construction span of the project is four years. The first phase of the project was started at the end of 2016, and the main part of the project was started at the end of 2019.

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