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Ningbo signs framework agreement with Alibaba for overall cooperation
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Ningbo signed a framework agreement for overall cooperation with Alibaba on May 19.

According to the agreement, Alibaba will conduct a series of cooperation activities with Ningbo for eight specific projects in five fields. The Ningbo branch of Alibaba and the Ningbo Ali Center will be established to coordinate and manage all the businesses of the Alibaba Group in Ningbo. An industrial internet platform will be built involving such advantageous local industries as household appliances, textile and clothing, and petrochemicals, to create a new ecological environment for the industrial internet and build it an influential industrial internet center in China. The Alibaba cloud new manufacturing innovation center will be built, with the focus on the researches on the cutting-edge technologies, making it a technology output center, talent training center, incubation acceleration center and ecological center of Alibaba in Ningbo. Joint efforts will be made to build Ningbo a new international hub trade center with strong global competitiveness, by taking advantage of the construction of Ningbo-Zhoushan Port and the construction of it as a port city along the Belt and Road area. The Smart Ningbo Center will be established to fund a joint venture to conduct the overall cooperation for the digitalized smart application of governmental and public services in such fields as the urban economy operation, market monitoring, public service, social treatment and environment protection. The Alibaba (Ningbo) Data Center will be built. The “Spring Thunder Plan 2020” will be implemented in Ningbo, to conduct the featured online exhibitions, build the Kaola live-cast base for cross-border e-commerce, which can meet the demand of the import and export business, build a new service system for digital life, and create a new ecological environment for the digital economy.

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