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Largest container liner anchors at Daxie Port
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On the morning of May 19, “Modern Oslo”, the largest container liner series in the world, anchored at the Merchants International Container Terminal of Daxie Port area of Ningbo-Zhoushan Port. Modern Oslo, about 400 meters long, 62 meters wide and 33 meters high, has a maximum load of 225,000 tons and can accommodate 23,830 TEUs. This marks the upgrading of the container liner operation capacity of Daxie Port area from 20,000 TEUs to 24,000 TEUs.

Since 2014, the Merchants International Terminal of Daxie Port area, with its advantageous geographical location, has received many 200,000-ton container ships.

This time, in order to meet the requirements for the operations of the super-large 24,000-TEU container ship, the largest one in the world, the terminal has made a plan for berth upgrading and dredging since the beginning of this year, so that it can guarantee the smooth anchoring of the super-larger liner. Meanwhile, an expert meeting was held to review the capacity report for the 225,000-ton ships, and it has received timely approval from Zhejiang Provincial Department of Transportation.

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