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18th Xu Xiake Tourism Festival kicks off
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The main venue activity of the 10th anniversary of China Tourism Day in Zhejiang Province, as well as the opening ceremony of the 18th Xu Xiake Tourism Festival, was held in Ninghai County, the starting place of the China Tourism Day, on the morning of May 19. It also marked the start of the cooperation exchange season for self-driving tours along the coastal freeways of the Yangtze River Delta area.  

407 years ago, Xu Xiake, the greatest tourist in the Chinese history, started his 34-year travel around the country from Ninghai County. So far, the Xu Xiake Tourism Festival has been held for 17 years, and it has changed from a government-funded memorial activity to a mass gala integrating such elements as tourism, culture, homestay, food and sports.

At the opening ceremony, the “cultural and tourism consumer coupons” with a total value of over 220 million yuan were released online, and the tourists around the country could get the coupons on such platforms as Alipay, Wechat and Meituan.

In the meantime, a wedding ceremony show was on at the Qiantong Ancient Town. Some traditional wedding customs were displayed at the scene, including riding the decorated sedan chair, visiting the ancient town, kowtowing to Heaven and Earth, and picking up the bridal veil. The tourists were not only able to appreciate the traditional wedding ceremony in the original form, but also could participate in the ceremony themselves as a kind of interaction with the local people.

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