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Samoan Crab
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Samoan crab (or green crab) of Ninghai is a famous seafood of Ningbo. It is big in size, fat and tasty.

Samoan crab can be yielded in all seasons, but it is most nutritious from August 3rd to 23rd by lunar calendar. Local people believe that a Samoan crab in this period of time can be compared to a chicken in terms of nutrition.

Samoan is vigorous and aggressive. Legend has it that long long ago Ningbo people built a temple to commemorate a fisherman gripped to death by a huge crab.

Ningbo has a long history of crab catching. There are many ways to catch crabs: using net, finding crab holes to catch, digging holes to catch in winter when crabs are hibernating. In recent years, people start to breed Samoan crabs, as wild crabs are getting scarce.
Samoan crabs are delicious and nutritious. They are most suitable for lying-in women and are often used to treat children’s bed-wetting.

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