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Salted Brassica Juncea
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With fertile soil and abundant precipitation, Ningbo is a good place for growing Brassica juncea. It comes in season in winter. The locals would salt the vegetable in winter or early spring.

The locals in Dongxiang of Yinxian County have been making salted brassica juncea for hundreds of years. They would do it and eat it for a whole year. In recent years, factories were set up to process the vegetable and the small packs of brassica juncea have been very popular across the country, in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong. .
The salted brassica juncea is yellowish, crisp and tasty. The locals love to eat it. A poet in the Qing Dynasty even composed a poem about it.

To salt the vegetable, you need to have a large jar. First remove the roots of the brassica juncea, air it for 2-4 hours, put it in the jar, then lay one layer of brassica with one layer of salt, press it tight, lay some bamboo plates on it and lastly put a big stone on it. In about a month, the salted vegetable is done.

Brassica juncea can be eaten raw or cooked. It can be ingredients for other dishes. Famous dishes include "large yellow croaker with brassica juncea" and "shredded meat soup with brassica juncea".

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