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Dongqian Lake introduces twenty spring-themed activities
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In the eyes of Yuan Shiyuan, a poet in the Yuan Dynasty, the spring of Dongqian Lake is not inferior to that of the West Lake. Today, after more than ten years of development, Dongqian Lake is even more charming, water clearer, trees greener, flowers more beautiful. Especially in spring, Dongqian Lake is like a dynamic Chinese painting with golden rape flowers, green tea garden and elegant Hanling Old Street.

In this spring, you can pick tea, sail the boat, relax yourself, make traditional food, dig bamboo shoots and so on. From March 15 to the end of April, Dongqian Lake will launch twenty activities to welcome tourists. 

Tourists in Ningbo Youngor Zoo

“Spring of Dongqian Lake is coming” activities enjoy popularity

“Spring of Dongqian Lake is coming”  activities were started on March 15 in the South Gate Plaza of Youngor Zoo. More than 200 medical workers, volunteers, and sports enthusiasts are divided into cycling, trialwalking, and visiting three groups to travel around Dongqian Lake.

Cycling enthusiasts are attracted by the lake riding pathway

Dongqian Lake Tourism Association issued a travel gift pack for each participant which includes 19 coupons for Dongqian Lake Scenic Area and hotels.

Tourists pick tea on Fuquan Mountain 

On March 21, the tea-picking activity was held on Fuquan Mountain, attracting more than 500 visitors.

The activity including links such as spring painting, spring appreciation, spring tastes and spring outgoing shows the beautiful scenery of Fuquan Mountain. Additionally, the delicious tea also made visitor’s tour more colorful.

Attractions, hotels, homestays, and other leisure and tourism places in Dongqian Lake Travel Resort have been fully opened.

Spring-themed activities launched

Tourism Bureau of Dongqian Lake, together with tourism enterprises and state-owned companies, has decided to hold twenty spring-themed activities from March 15 to April 20. Aimed at gathering popularity and enlarging the market, these activities will promote the comprehensive recovery of the economy of Dongqian Lake.

The groundbreaking ceremony of the Ideal Village in Dongqian Lake is going to be held in the early April. The opening ceremonies of Zhejiang People's Tour of Dongqian Lake and Shanghai people's Tour of Dongqian Lake will also be held. For the self-driving tour market, a discount package will be provided together with an opening ceremony.

Dongqian Lake water bus sailing ceremony is scheduled to be held in mid-April. It will release water bus lines and tourism products, and invite tourists to experience the new tourism products.

Three hotels belonging to Qianhuju Series will open at the end of April.

“Spring of Dongqian Lake is coming” activities also include Garden Gourmet Exhibition, Sailing Festival, Spring Outgoing Season and Ningbo Wildlife Conservation Publicity Month and other activities.

In 2020, Dongqian Lake Town will continue to organize rural tourism activities. In March and April, it will hold Dongqian Lake Gourmet Festival, the 2nd Mazi Festival, the 2nd Chengyang Bamboo Shoot Festival, the 2nd Yangshan Rhododendron Festival and the 1st Yinwan Fishing Fire Festival.

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