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Colorful cityscape
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Moon Lake Scenic Area

Golden fallen leaves

(Photo by Zhou Jianping)

In the academician wood of Tianyi Pavilion·Yuehu Scenic Area, ginkgo leaves falling in the wind cover the ground like a "golden carpet", attracting citizens and tourists to come and enjoy the scenery.


Remnant Lotus in Rihu Park

(Photo by Zhou Jianping)


In the lotus pond of Rihu Park, although the remnants of lotus are dry and scattered, the bones of character are still there, just like ink paintings.


Zhongshan Park

Colorful "Maple"

(Photo by Zhou Jianping)

In Zhongshan Park, the maple leaves quietly turn from green to yellow to red under the frost and dew, and the colors are intertwined, presenting a pleasing scene of "maple".

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