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Charity Cycling for Rule of Law
2020-12-04Text Size: A A A

(Photo by Zhang Yan and Liu Yi)

Yesterday morning, the "Charity Cycling for Rule of Law" team composed of 30 traffic law popularization volunteers dressed in red volunteer costumes, riding public bicycles printed with the rule of law slogan, set off from the Cultural Square, along Heqingbei Road, Zhongshan Road and Lanting Road, and arrived at the Law Publication Point of East Bus Station.

This is the "12·4" National Constitution Day of Law popularization activity jointly sponsored by the Municipal Justice Bureau and the Municipal Transportation Bureau. In addition to volunteers’ "Charity Cycling for the Rule of Law", this event further enhanced the public’s awareness of the legal system and legal participation through video shows, dissemination of legal publicity materials, and legal consulting services. Good atmosphere of law-abiding. 

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