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Dongqian Lake Marathon Race kicks off
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On December 12, the 2020 Dongqian Lake Marathon Race was started at the South Gate of the Youngor Zoo, attracting 4,000 runners for the race along the picturesque lake.
This is the second year for the cooperation between the Dongqian Lake  and the marathon race authority. In 2019 when the race was held for the first time, it was entitled as the “bronze medal event” of Chinese Athletic Association. The number of the runners this year reduced to 4,000 people and only two matches were involved, namely the half-marathon race and the mini-marathon race.  
This year’s race is jointly sponsored by Ningbo Sports Bureau and the Management Committee of the Dongqian Lake Tourist Resort, recognized by Chinese Athletic Association, guided by Zhejiang Provincial Association for Marathon and Road Running, and operated and promoted by Ningbo Broadcasting and TV Group.
Finally, Li Zicheng won the championship for the men’s half-marathon race with the time of one hour, five minutes and 42 seconds, and Zhao Na won the championship for the women’s half-marathon race with the time of one hour, 17 minutes and ten seconds.

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