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Local alcohol brewing
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The picture shows the brewer pouring the fermented sorghum into the steamer.

The picture shows the brewer storing the prepared alcohol in jars.


The picture shows the brewer turning over the sorghum used to make alcohol.

On December 7, a master at a processing site in Gupanqiao Natural Village, Yaojiaqiao Village, Yangming Street, Yuyao City, was making sorghum alcohol in full swing. The brewing master brews pure grain alcohol in accordance with the traditional process of alcohol making: making the ferment, adding ingredients, spreading, distillation, and sealing. The rich aroma of the alcohol is accompanied by the diffusion of the air, permeating the surroundings of the brewery.

The brewer told him that he is mainly processing and making. Villagers can bring their own sorghum or other grains for brewing, and the processing fee is 5.2 yuan per kilogram.

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