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A tourist magnet on the the Poetry Road of Tang Dynasty
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Stars, bonfires, music and food translate a peaceful country night into party night. On the evening of November 28, nearly 100 campers from all over Ningbo gathered at the Music Plaza on the top of South Mountain, Ninghai Sangzhou Town, enchanted by the glamour of Ninghai eco-tourism. Sangzhou, located on the the Poetry Road of Tang Dynasty, boasts beautiful scenery such as Chinese messuages of the Chen family, the lush tea garden and huge pieces of ancient trees. With its profound historical and cultural deposits and beautiful natural scenery, the literati of all dynasties have left numerous popular poems. In recent years, Sangzhou Town has centered on creating new forms of ecological tourism, such as “starry sky tour”, “four seasons Tour” and “gourmet tour”, etc., which are favored by young tourists in surrounding areas.

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