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Western section of complex line of Hangzhou-Ningbo Freeway under construction
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From the Shuangtan Village of Zhouxiang Town of Cixi County to the Xisan Village of the Hangzhou Bay New Zone, a wide and flat road runs along just like a "mud dragon". This is the western section of the complex line of the Hangzhou-Ningbo Freeway, and its roadbed is taking shape recently.
The complex line of the freeway, composed of the western section and the eastern section, is 55.475 kilometers long. The western section, from the Xiaocao'e hub to the Andong segment, is 15.319 kilometers long, connecting the Hangzhou Bay Bridge with the complex line section of the Hangzhou-Ningbo Freeway running to Shaoxing and the connecting line (still under construction) between the Hangzhou Bay Bridge and the Hangzhou-Ningbo Freeway. 

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