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Zhenhai Golden Autumn Chrysanthemum Exhibition Spanning 41 Years with Tens of Thousands of Pots of Chrysanthemums Dressing up the Golden Autumn
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On October 28, Zhenhai's 33rd Golden Autumn Chrysanthemum Exhibition officially kicked off. Although the weekend has not yet arrived, many citizens have come to see the exquisite chrysanthemum.

Since the first Chrysanthemum Exhibition was held in 1979, Zhenhai Golden Autumn Chrysanthemum Exhibition has gone through 41 years and has been successfully held for 33 sessions. The varieties of chrysanthemum exhibited have expanded from ordinary chrysanthemums to fine chrysanthemums, and the form has expanded from single chrysanthemums to other flowers, grass flowers, artistic flower arrangements, etc.

This year’s Golden Autumn Chrysanthemum Exhibition displays a total of about 25,000 pots of various types of chrysanthemums, focusing on chrysanthemum landscaping, highlighting chrysanthemum cultivation and bonsai landscaping skills, displaying chrysanthemum culture and bonsai art, and setting 6 A scenic spot made of chrysanthemums for citizens to watch and take photos. The exhibition will last until November 27.

In addition, during the chrysanthemum exhibition, Zhaobaoshan Street also carefully arranged the second "Authentic Ningbo Taste" Ningbo Traditional Cultural Festival, and the fifth "The Hometown of Comic Strip · Zhaobaoshan" National Comic Strip Exchange Conference, etc. Cultural activities promote the integrated development of cultural tourism and economic industries.

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